In Brno we provide cheap business seat and virtual office for companies, organizations and entrepreneurs (self-employed) - BRNO and PRAGUE

Basic price list:

Ceník virtuálního sídla a místa podnikání v BrněPrice list in PDF:  here

HOTLINE Mon-Sat 9-19 hours :

Tel.: +4 2 0  7 3 2   1 0 2  5  2 5 (only english, german support)

Tel.: +4 2 0  7 3 0   6 7 2   0 0 1 (only czech support)

Email: (czech, english, german)

Fast approach for execution:

  1. Email us your data: company name, name of representative, post address, email, phone number, length of order if you would like to obtain own box and organization’s ID if assign. Soon you will receive pre-filled contract ready to sign and billing information.
  2. Mail us via post mail or email us scan of the contract and send the payment according to the billing information.
  3. As soon as we obtain your payment, we send you the confirmed contract back on you post address with authorized agreement of your place of business.
  4. You should keep the contract with you and the authorized agreement with notification of the place of business must be delivered to Trade Office in case of self-employed person or Business Register in case of a corporation (this usually means handling the paperwork to a notary, who will execute proposal for input into the Business Register)

For all your questions and discussion please contact us on our email address or use hotline in the times given.

Advantages of having the place of business at our company:

- reliability, honesty and professional approach for a good price

- we are the owner of the property – there is a warranty of long-time cooperation

- good price (starting at 100CZK/month)

- we set and keep the price for whole length of the contract (when the contract is full-filed, the price may change due to inflation according to Statistical Office)

- fast execution of the contract (via email, post mail or personal meeting at our office)

- post address in Brno (Brno – Kohoutovice – calm and peaceful area – 5min. from BVV and 7min. from D1 – Financial Office Brno IV.)

- good accessibility from the city centre – parking lots in front of the object

- accommodation may be provided in the hotel across the street

- we are not VAT payers

- advising in price

- possibility of mail box with own key

Note: We do not provide luxurious property or a building such as IBC, M-palace or similar representative spaces.


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